Not quite white

I was making my way back to work after lunch with a friend at La Loteria, one of the few Mexican restaurants I like in Manhattan.

I don’t like to walk around in Greenwich Village because I always get lost, but I do it because, as anyone will tell you, it’s rare to find good Mexican food in New York. I also like that place because most of the people working there seem to be Hispanic. I’m sorry to be so judgey, but I hate Mexican restaurants that only employ white waitstaff.

I hadn’t really noticed the two young African American men waiting for the light to change–one on a bike, the other one standing–until I heard the one on the bike say “I don’t know, man, ask a white person” as he sped off.

I thought it was funny until the other one dutifully turned around and asked, “Do you know which way is Broadway?”

Of course I didn’t know! Couldn’t he see I’m Mexican?

4 thoughts on “Not quite white

  1. Maybe, it’s time for you to visit some Mexican restaurants in the Bronx? La Morada is great.

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