An epiphanous pupusa

Sabine was making pupusas, a sort of filled corn tortilla from Salvador. Usually when she cooks I might just help with slicing and dicing, but as the dish was Latin American I felt obligated to honor my heritage and started making some pupusas myself.

As we cooked, I told Sabine about my conversation on Friday with the director of human resources at work. I’d gone to talk to her about year-end review stuff, but at some point the conversation took an unexpected turn.

HR: So are you ready to move to the downstairs office?

Me: Yeah, it’ll be great to finally have my whole team in the same space.

HR: We’re thinking of adding a table in the middle for floaters, so you might have to have up to six people in the room at a time. You should tell everyone to make sure to wear deodorant [laughs].

Me: I can’t ask them to do something I don’t do.

HR: [Eyes widening] You don’t wear deodorant?

Me: [Realizing my mistake] Um…

HR: Not even in the summer???

Me: I don’t smell bad!

HR: How do you know? People don’t smell themselves!

Me: My wife would tell me!

“You would, right?” I asked Sabine. A pupusa fell on the floor and Sabine picked it up and put it on the pan.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. Just remind me to pick up some deodorant next time we go shopping.”

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